K.D. HEAT TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO.,LTD is a company that has expertise and consult on Induction heat treatment and manufacturing of high-frequency induction hardening for more than 22 years.

       Our company has machines that have been certified. So, every work piece comes out with in same quality. We manufacture high frequency induction hardening machines according to various requirements such as for auto parts, motorcycle parts, aircraft parts, agricultural vehicle parts, and various construction machinery parts etc. K.D. HEAT TECHNOLOGY provides specialized hardening services in various parts to meet the needs of customers.

       Our service focuses on quality standard in every work piece. In addition, our team is punctual to meet the needs of customers. K.D.HEAT TECHNOLOGY also has research and development in order to continuously work with new innovation and technology. It is also environmentally friendly according to the company's management policy.
  • Induction Headening Method
    It takes a short time to heat up to the desired temperature.
    Can be plated in a variety type. According to the workpiece.
    High efficiency, in every work piece follow the quality standard and reduce the amount of waste workpiece.
    Precise and consistent temperature control.
    Not affect the environment because there is no waste gas from the furnace.





Induction hardening takes a short time to heat up to the desired standards, high efficiency, good work piece quality and reduce the waste product due to regulatory controls in a slow and unaffected way. Environment around area  there is no damage from the furnace.

Induction heat treatment
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