Surface hardening with induction (Induction Hardening), this method is commonly used with steel. Medium carbon (0.4-0.5% C) and high carbon steel (0.8-1.2% C) are treated by heat treatment with High-frequency induction electric work piece Then the iron is quickly moistened with water or cooled. The properties of the work piece after heat treatment are resistant to Good abrasion and fatigue resistance


After Induction the work piece, we are going to give it a tempering. This process is done after hardening process. Because of the steel after hardening will be most structures are Martensite or Bainite and have some residual Austennite. In addition, there will be stress occurs internally Which is caused by the rapid cooling process, so in order to fix and reduce the said problem should be reheated after hardening.

After hardening the work piece, we will bring the work piece to be cut, polished. And take the hardness measurement to verify that it meets the needs of the customer.
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