Inverter Machine
Inverter machine are designed to harden various work pieces and quickly. Can be used together with ROBOT, save energy than other hardening machines. There is a detachable inductive coil. It is easy to change a variety of models or work pieces and can be used in conjunction with the IOT system as well
เครื่องชุบแข็ง inverter ของ Kd heat
Type : Invertor
Power : 5-350 KW
Frequency : 5-450 KHz

 hardening machine Diameter not more than 500 mm. length of work not more than 6 meters. maximum weight of 5 tons and a maximum case depth of 6 mm.

Oscillator Machine
Type : Oscillator
Power : 20-450 KW
Frequency : 20-450 KHz
  • K.D. HEAT manufactures, sells, and maintains hardened equipment.
  • K.D. HEAT produces machines according to the drawings. It takes a period of 4-6 months to manufacture the machine, along with training on how to use the machine properly.
  • K.D. HEAT offers after sale service. We provide quick and detailed maintenance. There is a skill development training for employees from time to time. The whole control software system supports Mitsubishi, KEYENCE, Hakko-electric, etc.
  • K.D. HEAT in case of machine problems, we are ready to deal with problems immediately and can back-up to customers in case of Over capacity and Machine breakdown.


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