Inverter Machine
Inverter machine are designed to harden various work pieces and quickly. Can be used together with ROBOT, save energy than other hardening machines. There is a detachable inductive coil. It is easy to change a variety of models or work pieces and can be used in conjunction with the IOT system as well
Type : Invertor
Power : 5-350 KW
Frequency : 5-450 KHz

 hardening machine Diameter not more than 500 mm. length of work not more than 6 meters. maximum weight of 5 tons and a maximum case depth of 6 mm.

Oscillator Machine
Type : Oscillator
Power : 20-450 KW
Frequency : 20-450 KHz
  • Manufacturing, sales and maintenance of induction heating machine.
  • We provide training for companies that have introduced in-house production equipment.
  • We provide training in order to make use of the period of 4-6 month, which is required to manufactured the equipment.
  • We will promptly and politely respond not only to problems after delivery, but also to suggestions for regular maintenance. We also provide skill improvement training for staff regularly. The control software is compatible with Mitsubishi Electric, Keyence, Hakko-Electric Pro-face etc.
  • After the installation of in-house production equipment, we provide prompt response to equipment troubles. Besides, since we have a mass production system in place at our factory, we can provide back up for mass production.

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