Message from owner

        At the beginning, business was started in 2001 and entered to Thailand Automotive market. All the time we have been receiving an advice from customer and support from alliance company make our small company continuous run business and growth. Literally say thank you to all employee for your support.

       In the past, there have been many major incidents in Thailand such as protests, floods, bankruptcy of investment Bank Leeman Blater and coups, but Thailand continues to grow as a hub for automobile manufacturing in ASEAN, and be the one of the strategic exporting points around the world.

        There is increasing number of competitors including with increasing of auto parts import from Indonesia, Vietnam. This is a huge impact arising from the fluctuation of the world economy. But still have to respond in a variety of ways.

        We will continue growing in this country. And build a low-cost system for sure by relying on the principles "Working by little people but with high efficiency "to achieve a better development. Including focusing on "The company that the employees' children want to work in in the future" and we will be an organization. "Thai joint venture companies of Japan" with close ties to the local Therefore, we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions in order to keep moving forward.             


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Managing director
                                                                                                                     Masaki Kondo

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