Staff at K.D.HEAT TECHNOLOGY training "Basic first aid and CPR"


Staff at K.D.HEAT TECHNOLOGY training "Basic first aid and CPR"

K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) has organized training for employees about "First Aid". Vibharam Laem Chabang Hospital was the one who came to give this knowledge.

In this part of the training, the objective is to for all employees to have knowledge can assess the injured initially be able to prioritize helping patients Get help from the emergency medical service system. and provide first aid to injured/emergency patients before being sent to the hospital for further treatment So that in the event of an emergency, all staff members will be able to provide initial assistance to their colleagues before they are taken to the hospital.

The topics learned are as follows:

First Aid for Stopping Bleeding
First Aid Treatment of Heat Wounds
First aid for people who have foreign objects in their eyes such as chemicals.
First aid for those who have been poisoned by eye, drink, inhale.
First aid for a bite from a poisonous animal
First Aid for Stuck in the Neck
First aid for a person with nosebleeds
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) first aid
Knowledge about covid-19 corona virus

From training and practical training All employees of K.D. Heat Technology have passed the first aid assessment and are able to apply their knowledge in the event of an emergency. We are very pleased to receive this training.

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