Induction hardening with advanced technology


Induction hardening automation machine

       K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. today would like to present an article about Induction hardening with advanced technology. which as many people know. At present, the technology has been developed in combination with working in the Induction hardening process to work as an automated form to support human work to be easier to control work in areas that cannot be done by humans and high productivity. Climb In fact, automation systems can greatly reduce production costs. Although the initial investment may be quite expensive, it is definitely an investment in technology that has a good return. It also increases production capacity and creates new business opportunities, especially in the production of parts that require high manpower and accuracy such as Induction hardening.

       K.D.Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides design and manufacturing of Automatic Induction Hardening Machine according to customer requirements. Comprehensive standard with technology from Japan as well as training on how to use and take care of after-sales maintenance throughout the service life We have developed an automatic control system that can be controlled via mobile phone. Work through running programs that we have installed. to help control Order and receive orders This makes it easy to control the operation even when not at the front of the machine. Including setting the work of the automatic control system to work efficiently Detecting the work with the sensor system, if there is a problem at the site, the system will warn you in real-time to be able to acknowledge and fix the problem in a timely manner. In this segment of the hardening industry, if automation helps, production costs can be greatly reduced. This is the point of every industry, if the production cost is low, the income will increase, the profit will increase accordingly. The work part is more flexible, increasing the production capacity. It can also predict the duration of work.

       It can be seen that K.D. Heat Technology has brought that automation system to support the development of human work. To upgrade the hardening industry market According to our management policy, “We will develop our expertise in Induction Heat Treatment and use that expertise to stimulate small and medium-sized businesses. Both in the region and in Asia”, the Automation hardening machine aims to meet the production requirements.

       The calculated average automation capability increased by 0.37%, resulting in a 13.6% increase in the manufacturing industry. Automated hardening has the advantage of reducing costs and reducing downtime. Including no downtime costs, can work accurately, heat the workpiece that is stable or repetitive. Continuously without problems, high resolution works in ways that human labor cannot. As for safety, our first concern is to have a safety control system in the production process. With a sensor system that detects the work that we will program in the machine However, this system can be used for both manual machines and automation machines. Next time we will go into details about this system. If there is this system to help in the work, it will make the work more organized.

       K.D. Heat Technology Company Limited and our team are committed to developing in every aspect, whether it is work. system and always maintain quality By applying automation to industrial hardening machines, there is an increased productivity potential. It will help you to effectively cope with the price that tends to decline continuously. while maintaining the quality of the workpiece The automatic hardening machine is a combination of Mechanic and Robot of K.D. Heat Technology, consistently delivering the best precision at every stage of production. With more than 20 years of experience, there is a team of specialists willing to give advice and help you achieve results that meet your desired goals.

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