Maintenance of hardening machines, K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Maintenance of hardening machines, K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Maintenance of hardening machines, K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

        Currently, medium to large industrial factories have introduced various technologies. or machinery and equipment used in the production process In order to be able to use the machine for maximum efficiency. In the work-hardening industry Machines are important tools in the production of workpieces. Components inside the machine that make power in machine components for hardening There are main internal components such as Jig, Coil for heating.

       Therefore, maintenance of the machine And maintenance work is an activity that exists throughout the life of the machine and cannot be avoided. Therefore, we must maintain the machine so that it can be used. so as not to cause jams during use unavailability of the machine production equipment causing the production to be inefficient in production as it should be Therefore, increasing maintenance performance is necessary to benefit all customers.

       K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) provides complete machine maintenance services. We have a team of technicians who specialize in repairing machines, installing, repairing, disassembling, assembling, including repairing internal components. Therefore, if the machine is not maintained, it may affect the accuracy and precision standard of the machine. Therefore, the maintenance of the machines in the factory is required. Control work standards to be able to work accurately and reliably. no discrepancy The maintenance of the machine should be checked periodically. Both daily, monthly and yearly

We have divided the machine maintenance plan into 5 types as follows.

1. Corrective Maintenance

This format is used by all companies. Is to fix and repair when the equipment is damaged to the point that the machine has to be stopped. Machine malfunctions during operation that were never known. When this occurs, the machine must be stopped for repairs. which in this way affects job production

2. Preventing Maintenance

This pattern is a planned maintenance. or a period of time that has been clearly defined It is a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plan, etc. It is like a surveillance to prevent damage to the machine or a malfunction in the work. Check and analyze information about deterioration. If the inspection plan contains components that are likely to deteriorate

3. Routine Maintenance

It is the maintenance of the machine as a daily routine. Check the basic order on a daily basis before starting to use the machine. If an abnormality is found, it must be notified to the engineering team for further investigation and correction.

4. Emergency Maintenance

It is an emergency or immediate repair of the machine when the machine has a problem. In this case, it will be repaired immediately when the machine cannot work. Therefore, we have to plan a machine inspection by a specialist. in order not to cause problems caused by machine failures

       All types of machines and appliances in the factory must meet safety standards. When damaged, it may cause a dangerous accident. Affecting the safety of employees. Good maintenance of machinery in the factory will help control errors and reduce accidents in the factory as well. Because the machine has the opportunity to maintain and crash all the time, even if it has been repaired. However, there should be specialists to inspect and maintain the parts that need to be repaired. K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been an expert for more than 20 years and is ready to give advice and consultation to deliver results. That is good for the use of the machine smoothly, allowing the company to make a work plan as defined

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