K.D. Heat Technology Thailand provides service for check HRC


K.D. Heat Technology Thailand provides service for check HRC

          K.D. Heat Technology Thailand Company provides service for check HRC (Hardness Rockwell C) hardness measurement service, which is a system for measuring the hardness of various materials. Not only steel, It is a measurement of hardness by pressing weight onto the surface that type of material. Record the moment the pressure increases to push a deep mark from the surface into the material. Then calculate the level of hardness of that material.

            It is a process that begins before finalizing the materials in the actual workpiece. Along with Inspection Data documents are the test results. So, the results will be analyzed and conclusions drawn. As a result, work pieces can be used in production appropriately for the purpose. Including making it possible to use it most efficiently.

            It can be seen that hardness testing is extremely important. Because the hardness of the workpiece is an important factor in the next operation process. In order for the quality of the workpiece to be as desired, K.D. Heat Technology  has appropriate testing tools and equipment. And the testing is supervised by our team of experts.

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