Check crack by Magnetic test (MPI)


MPI เช็คแตกชิ้นงาน

Check Crack using magnetic particles or called MPI test. MPI stand for (Magnetic Particle Inspection)

​         If the workpiece has cracks or discontinuities on the workpiece of any kind occurring on the workpiece. In the magnetic field region, magnetic field leakage occurs. This causes magnetic particles to gather and penetrate into those marks. Our team of experts will be able to see cracks in the workpiece through the glowing magnetic field.

          By checking this K.D. Heat Technology Company will inspect with fluorescent magnetic particles. This method can be said to be an effective method for detecting cracks in workpieces that cannot be seen with the visual check.

            In addition, checking for cracks on the workpiece using MPI test this method havinf a lots of positive. First, does not cause damage to the workpiece. Second, does not have to destroy the workpiece to check crack. MPI teat it can be tested to find defects in the workpiece. Whether the workpiece has cracks or irregularities in the workpiece. It can inspect under the workpiece surface more than 18 millimeters.

        K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has a MPI test service to inspect workpiece cracks with fluorescent magnetic particles. By experts in using machines specifically and having techniques for placing workpieces for inspection in the correct way.

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