Brinell Hardness Test


Brinell Hardness Test

Measuring Brinell Hardness Test

        K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Company provides Brinell Hardness Test service with the unit of measurement being HB, which is a method for testing the hardness of materials.
          We provide hardness measurement services using Portable tools by specialists. By using a tool to press down on the surface where the hardness value is to be measured. This method is so popular and accurate that it is used internationally.
         Our tools are certified and inspected according to standards from Japan.
​        The hardness value of a material can be considered a basic value that can indicate the overall properties of that material. For industrial work There must be a standard material selection process for the quality of the workpiece. The hardness of the material is an important factor in the process. This requires testing with the right tools.

         Advantages of the Brinell Hardness Test The Brinell Hardness Test can give accurate results. Although the surface structure of the tested materials is not smooth, The indentation is quite wide and deep. Not suitable for testing thin and small materials. But it is suitable for materials that will be forged and for relatively large-scale construction.

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