This Songkran Thai traditional 2024


This Songkran Thai traditional 2024

            K.D. Heat Technology Company (Thailand) organized the Songkran tradition to continue the Thai New Year tradition, with Mr. Masaki Kondo the opening ceremony of the activity “Songkran Day, Happy Year. New Thai 2024” in the activity of organizing a ceremony to pour water on the Buddha on the occasion of the Triple Gem. and pour water on the head to ask for blessings from executives and seniors to show respect and love All employees join together to wear flower-patterned shirts to express their Thai identity.

             In addition, during the lunch break before the ceremony, the company organized both savory and sweet meals for all employees to eat together. Create good relationships with all employees.

          This Songkran Thai traditional, the company It has been organized annually continuously. The executives and employees are delighted to be able to participate in preserving and inheriting the Songkran tradition.

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