Induction Hardening Temperature range


Induction Hardening Temperature range

     Induction hardening, As everyone knows the hardening process requires heat to change the properties of the metal. In other words, heat and quenching temperature are the key mediums in this hardening process.

     K.D. Heat Technology Company Limited has given importance to the temperature used in the plating of each piece. To change the properties of the workpiece to meet the needs of customers. The heating of steel must be at a temperature suitable for the conditions in which it will be used, for example, it will increase strength, toughness, wear resistance, hardening, impact resistance, etc.

     Sometimes, heat treatment will weaken the steel to make it easier to machine. Heat treatment of steel is therefore one of the methods that we focus on. Steel is a metal that is used a lot in the metal industry.

     K.D. Heat Technology Co., Ltd. provides various types of Induction hardening services. which is often used to make parts of machinery, engines, tools and equipment.

     By our surface hardening method, high frequency induction heating is used. We will design special for use in that work piece. To provide accurate and precise surface hardening according to customer requirements The method we use is to supply a high-frequency electric wave through a copper coil inductor to the workpiece. The temperature of the workpiece is above the upper critical point within 3-5 seconds. The temperature we use to curing the workpiece is 880 to 1050 °C (1620 to 1920 Fahlenheit) and then to cool immediately by Spray water on the workpiece. It creates a nitrile layer and a deep penetration layer. The nitrile layer helps make the steel strong and resistant to friction. The deep permeable layer improves fatigue resistance and maintains the toughness of the steel material.

     In terms of surface hardness and depth, it depends on the frequency. The power of the selected machine heating time Plating compounds and types of steel K.D. Heat Company Technology plating work piece by piece and can plate various sizes of workpieces. Both small and large workpieces Customers can specify the area to be plated. We have quality control checks before plating, during and after plating. For quality that must meet international standards, customers can trust when receiving hardening services from us.

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