Induction Hardening in large part | K.D.Heat Technology


Induction Hardening in large part | K.D.Heat Technology

       K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) We are committed to developing and expanding the production line to meet the various need of customers. Induction hardening in the large part it has the same purpose as small part hardening of workpieces. Is to make the workpiece resistant to friction and wear resistant.

       We offer induction heat treatment with frequencies from 10 to 360 KHz and power from 10 to 200 KW for surface hardening of small parts and large part. Our induction hardening technology is applicable to a wide range of metal parts. Either simple or complex shapes.

       We provide surface hardening services, Our hardening machines distribute heat evenly over the entire circumference of the workpiece without overlapping heat. The customer can configure about the case depth of the workpiece. To make the workpiece out of good quality according to the needs of customers

Metal parts types for induction hardening are:

Powertrain: crankshaft Camshaft, universal joint, valve seat, gear and bolt etc.

Machine tools: machine beds, gears and shafts, etc.

Tools and parts: roller bushings, pins, hammers, etc.

       K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) has developed sectional hardening technology for large workpieces, which has a completely different process than small workpiece hardening. For the hardening of small or normal size workpieces; the workpiece will be moves to the coil heater. But in the hardening of large workpieces, the workpiece is stationary in a horizontal position, Then the CT uses will moving inductor to disperse the heat in the area requiring surface hardening.

      Our development continuously, Now our induction hardening ability for large parts. Providing model type of the maximum loading weight is 39 tons. For the diameter of workpiece 400, height of workpiece are 500-4000 mm. Therefore, large work pieces require people who have expertise in controlling, directing and supervising.

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