Induction Hardening Machine with 3 stages


Induction Hardening Machine with 3 stages

Induction Hardening Machine with 3 stages

       Induction hardening process is a process used for hardening steel. and other alloy components, axles, gears, brakes or any steel parts and induction hardening is the heat dissipation through an inductor that is a coil by workpieces with different shapes and sizes. It is also necessary to use a heat inductor in a different form.

        We have developed an innovative Induction Hardening Machine that can perform a variety of workpieces at the same time flexibly. It also has a PLC control system that will control the operation until the various hardening processes. Automated data logging and monitoring Alarm notification will be sent through the screen. The responsible person will know the problem that occurs and fix it immediately. It can be said that it is a hardening machine that gives customers both work efficiency and space saving. It is an essential part of processing and commanding the brains of our hardening machines. We are always striving to develop the working system to keep up with the times and bring K.D. Heat Technology into the factory 4.0

       K.D.Heat Technology Co., Ltd. provides design and production of Induction Hardening machines, which we can do according to customer requirements to increase production capacity up to 3 Stages. (Coil) that is diverse and can be used with customer workpieces

        Machines manufactured by K.D.HEAT TECHNOLOGY have a complete after-sales service throughout the lifetime. We have a team that specializes in designing and manufacturing machines for hardening. We are committed to developing the Induction Heat Treatment industry to be more efficient and to work more productively.


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