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Induction coil service ให้บริการซ่อมบำรุงคอลย์ ตัวเหนี่ยวนำความร้อน

         All components of Induction hardening machines must be maintained. In particular, a coilheater it is the copper coil that provides heat, evenly distributes the temperature to the workpiece and spread water into the workpiece.

         Coil is the main working element in the Induction hardening process. Therefore, the coil needs to be well designed to support the use in the form of workpieces that are diverse and different. For the daily use necessary to have a specialist to regularly inspect coil malfunctions.

         In the maintenance of Induction Coil that are an integral part of Induction hardening machine components. Although copper coils are more durable than aluminum coils because they use more metal components. But daily use may cause the coil to wear out and deform from the original. Therefore, it should be given importance to inspection, repair, and correction to always be in a ready-to-use condition. And periodically inspected by specialists.

         One of the maintenance steps is daily cleaning to prevent sediment from clogging the water jacket It must enable the water to be evenly distributed through the water jacket and there should be a thorough inspection periodically or at least every 3 months.

         K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has a team of experts to provide services. Consultation and inspection of abnormalities in the use of components within the Induction machine. Including to coil maintenance, coil replacement, coil cleaning to make it look like new. Moreover, existing coil designs can be adapted to meet new demand or modify coil for specific areas. We can design a new coil to be effective in working with workpieces.

         Our team has the ability to understand the structure of hardening machines. work processes and various control systems of each component And can also detect and correct abnormalities appropriately. Know the effects of hardening machine malfunctions on part quality. We provide prompt service after notification of malfunctions and deterioration. So that you can manage your work plan in the most efficient way.

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