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Movement type of Induction Hardening Machine | K.D.HEAT

          K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides Induction hardening services and manufactures Induction machine for both Automatic and Semi-automatic hardening machines. We have experts to design machines that are suitable for a variety of workpieces. It is also designed to be able to distribute the heat in the hardening process to the workpiece with precise quality and consistently repeatable production. We design a control system that can be operated through the Internet of Things that has the ability to control quality to meet customer needs. Choosing a hardening machine that has properties suitable for the characteristics of the work piece will be an important part that helps to have a positive effect on the quality of the workpiece.

          Machine characteristics for hardening can be divided into 2 main types of work as follows

Horizontal Induction Hardening

           This type of hardening is suitable for workpieces with long work characteristics. The operation of the machine in every process will affect the quality of workpieces. Therefore, the specification and work characteristics should be selected appropriately. This type of machine focuses on solving problems that may be bend. This Horizontal hardening machine, able to plate uncomplicated workpieces with straight or long shapes. The machine can be designed to support the work in the form of work according to the needs of customers.

Vertical Induction Hardening 

          Vertical Induction hardening machine. It is a widely used machine with simple operation and space saving. This type of quenching is suitable for hardening workpieces with complex patterns. various geometric shapes It can also harden workpieces from small parts to large roller parts. The form of workpiece that needs to be hardened at many points. This machine can meet the needs quite well.

          K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) provides free consulting and advice services. We see the importance of every hardening process that needs to be suitable for different shapes of workpieces. whether it is choosing the specification of the machine Including selecting the working style of the machine In order for the hardening process to be effective in working for the highest quality work.


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