Rotation in Induction Hardening


Rotation in Induction Hardening

          K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. developed hardening machine to be able to accommodate the needs of various customers. The one of main part of the Induction hardening process requires "Rotation" of the workpiece. It is an important component of the machines that we design and develop.

          Rotation it is rotate workpieces during hardening to provide hardness. (case depth) from the surface area or point within the workpiece. The hardness is the same as the case depth of the workpiece inside or in the middle of the workpiece. (Core hardness).

          The speed of rotation of each piece of work will depend on the inspection needs of the customer. We pay attention to the trial process to make the work come out in the way that the customer requirement.

          Rotational Induction Heating is designed by installing a motor to rotate the workpiece during the Induction hardening process and connected through an IOT system that K.D. Heat using to controls the production process through a touch screen. consistently and precisely to distribute heat during work hardening evenly distributed to the workpiece area to be hardened.

          K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) provides free consulting and recommendation services. We realize the importance of every Induction process that must be suitable for the shape of the work piece. whether K.D. Heat we will choosing the specification of the machine including the selection of the working model of the machine. To make the work hardening process efficient in order to achieve the highest quality work.

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