K.D. Heat Technology got Excellent Supplier Quality Award 2022


K.D. Heat Technology got Excellent Supplier Quality Award 2022

          K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and provider of comprehensive induction hardening services for over 20 years. Since the K.D.Group has established the company. Currently, K.D. Heat Technology has 4 branches in Asia: Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. We are experienced and experts in selective hardening.

          Since establishing KD Group base in Thailand, NTN Manufacturing (Thailand), which is one of the customers of K.D. Heat Technology, has been working together all along. We deliver quality products to customers. Also, maintain and delivery the quality of the product to be trusted by customers.

          On May 12, 2023, K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand) was evaluated at the NTN Supplier Meeting by receiving the Excellent Supplier Quality Award 2022, an award that evaluates the quality of work that we have delivered to customers, which is another of our pride.

          Lastly, K.D. Heat Technology (Thailand), a fully integrated heat treatment company. not only pay attention to the quality of work only but also provide excellent pre- and after-sales service, so manufacturers in the hardening industry can rely on our work. And we would like to thank all manufacturers for trusting us to work with us.

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