K.D. HEAT TECHNOLOGY Exhibition Automatic Induction Hardening Machine.


K.D. HEAT TECHNOLOGY Exhibition Automatic Induction Hardening Machine.

Manufacturing Expo 2023 X K.D. HEAT TECHNOLOGY Exhibition Automatic Induction Hardening Machine.

          K.D. Heat Technology Thailand has joined the exhibition with Manufacturing Expo 2023, the machinery and technology exhibition in the industry This year, we have introduced coils and fully automatics induction hardening machines that are designed and manufactured by a team of experts with more than 20 years of expertise and expertise. Provide expert advice from Japan

          It can be said that this year, K.D. Heat Technology has shown our full potential. Because we are a company that specializes in providing a full range of surface hardening services. In addition, we also provide maintenance services for the inductor (Coil) and check the condition of the machine (PM Machine).

          In the event, we exchanged knowledge as well as studied new innovations. That can be used to develop better work potential so that the work will be more efficient. It can also help reduce the production cost of workpieces and also get more operational results to meet the needs of customers. The innovations that we apply to the machines are convenient for controlling the operation whether it is quality. In terms of operations and other areas, we would like to play a part in boosting the business of the parts manufacturing industry in the region and in Asia.

          In this event, K.D. Heat Technology, met all our customers and visitors who were interested in our booth. Therefore, we would like to thank both current and new customers who have trusted us to provide co-working services and deliver the work that has been carried out with quality in every step of the way. And we are ready to develop our potential even further in order to work with world-class standards.

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